Social Video Mastery

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About this course

Come inside and learn how you can use the power of video to reach your goals. Learn the video process from start to finish:


  • Create videos your audience wants to watch
  • Keep your viewers engaged
  • Get your viewers to take action
  • Turn viewers into customers
  • Select the right gear for the types of videos you want to create
  • Get great, crisp, clear audio
  • Get your videos to rank highly so your audience can find and watch them
  • Overcome the fear of being on camera
  • Get subscribers for your YouTube channel on autopilot

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6 Lessons

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Welcome to Social Video Mastery!

You've made a smart decision.  Video is powerful and it's becoming the preferred medium to consume new information.  In this course, you're going to learn:

  1. How to determine what your audience wants to watch.
  2. Which types of videos to create.
  3. Which equipment and software you'll need to be successful.
  4. How to create, edit and publish your videos.
  5. How to troubleshoot and improve your results.
  6. How to get more of your audience members to take action.
  7. How to supercharge your results.

If there is one piece of advice I can give you, it's this...

The Keys to Success with Video

This trips up more people than I can count. It even tripped me up for a while. Whatever you do, don't skip this video (it's that important).

Overcoming Camera Shyness

Being camera shy can feel paralyzing, cause you to freeze up and go blank as soon as the record button is pressed. The good new is, there's an effective way to overcome being camera shy.

How to Use Video to Build Relationships

Video is a very effective, high-leverage tool to quickly build relationships and trust.

The Video Creation Process

Follow the steps and you'll be making videos fast...


Discovery 3 Lessons

Popular Types of Videos

Discover what your audience wants to watch.

Google Insights for Search

Google will give you clues about what people want to watch.

YouTube Insights

Here's how to get YouTube to suggest what kind of videos you should create...

Success Fundamentals 6 Lessons

3 Essential Video Components

These key components will capture attention, hold attention, and encourage action.

Issues to Avoid

These mistakes plague the people that aren't getting the results they want. Here's how to avoid them...

Increase Engagement

In this lesson, you'll learn how to get your viewers to watch your videos, share your videos and like your videos.

How to Title Your Videos

This is a deciding factor in whether your video will be watched or skipped.

How to Write Winning Video Descriptions

A lot of people skip this step and it's one of the main reasons why they get poor results.

Filming Made Easy 5 Lessons

How to Make Video Tutorials

Tutorials work well for people who want to learn about your product or for customer service.

How to Make Screen Capture Videos

Screen capture videos are simple, easy and fast.

How to Film With an iPhone

Check out this super-portable video rig using an iPhone

Set Up & Lighting Backgrounds

In this lesson, you'll learn how to use backgrounds to help you achieve the goal of your video.

How to Edit Your Videos 7 Lessons

How to Edit Your Audio

Audio quality is very important if you want your viewer to stay engaged.

Adobe Premiere Pro (Mac or PC)

Adobe Premiere Pro is a robust video editing software that works on both Apple computers and PCs.


iMovie is available on the Mac, iPhone and iPad.


Resources 3 Lessons

Stock Video

Stock video is great for "B-Roll" footage.

1 Lesson